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Management Talk Internet Radio Show

headphonesA weekly internet radio show aimed at executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners exploring topical management ideas as they apply in a global marketplace. Featuring interviews with network members in four continents, hosts Don and Bonnie Fowke explore methods of improving performance and profitability.

Management Talk is a 13 episode pilot that ran from October 28, 2008 to January 20, 2009. (The following interviews are provided in MP3 format and open a new browser window/tab)

Management Talk Radio Interviews
Click here for radio interview Cutting Edge Management for Aboriginal Peoples: With Marcelene Anderson of Raven Strategic Consulting in Toronto, exploring ways the best modern management methods can help bands and their enterprises get ahead. Based on experience in Canada and the United States, the ideas will be applicable in Africa, Australia and other places.
Click here for radio interview Accountability in organizations. Everyone wants accountability but no one wants to hold anyone to account. Herb Koplowitz, President of Terra Firma Management Consulting, explores the benefits of accountability, why it is so rarely practiced, and what needs to happen for accountability to add to organizational effectiveness, efficiency and trust.
Click here for radio interview Talent Management: With Don Fowke in Toronto, explores how a talent management program ensures companies have succession in place to support growth strategies and how it assists employees to achieve career ambitions.
Click here for radio interview Developing Small and Medium Size Enterprise: With Ari Lindeman of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences in Finland, explores ways in which entrepreneurial businesses can be encouraged, supported and grown via a Client-Centred Approach to Business Development.
Click here for radio interview Aligning culture and strategy in entrepreneurial companies: With Claudia Chowaniec, President of Precept Inc., an Ottawa-based management consulting company, and a founding member of the New Management Network. She speaks with Jay Lawrence, the CEO of Infonium, an innovative high tech company that builds software for hospitals, health systems, and governments to improve administration and accountability.  Their conversation focuses on the value of utilizing Culture Check, a short, focused 'culture pulse' survey instrument (see www.culturestrategyfit.com ) to determine how the young company's supportive  work culture contributes to its strategic success.
Click here for radio interview Business Strategies for Climate Change: Julian Fairfield and Don Fowke, exploring the path toward a low carbon future, and implications for corporate strategy for companies in Australia, Canada and the United States. The show will explore related issues of energy security, the role of nuclear power, the shift toward an electricity based transport sector, and how the Alberta Oil Sands fit into the equation.
Click here for radio interview How Personality Plays in Leadership: With Bonnie Fowke in Toronto, explores how the Enneagram system of personality study can shed light on leadership in organizations, build teamwork, and help individuals advance their careers.
Click here for radio interview Global Organization Design: With Dr. Ken Shepard of Toronto, President of Global Organization Design Society, will explore the breakthrough ideas of requisite organization, describe how the methods are being applied throughout the world by members of the Society, and the up-coming international conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Click here for radio interview Management Challenges in China Rising: With Edwin Wang of Raise International in Beijing, explores the revolution underway in management in China and how Western ideas are being absorbed and enhanced in the leading Chinese enterprises.
Click here for radio interview The Business Value of Human Management: With Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch of Cleveland OH and Toronto, President of Awareworks International, explores the basic ideas of Gestalt and how they make the coaching process more effective, with illustrations from experience in the United States, Canada, Turkey and Israel
Click here for radio interview Strategy Driven Innovation: It's about accountability, not culture: With Herb Koplowitz of Terra Firma Management Consulting, discussing how the current focus on innovation is misplaced. There is no business value in being innovative let alone in having an innovative culture. Your shareholders don't pay you to do new things. They pay you to implement strategy, a plan to reach corporate goals. Rather than sprinkling innovation dust across the company CEO's should consider how to implement strategy aggressively. This will require doing new things, but that's a whole different effort that pursuing innovation for its own sake.
Click here for radio interview Rural Development in South Africa: With Dr. Roger Stewart of Business Sculptors PTY Ltd. of Cape Town South Africa, discussing a program of rural development integrating health, education and economic development. The program will explore the management challenge of operating in a network of strategic alliances, and the linkages between local and international concerns.
Click here for radio interview Don't Make Organizational Changes in a Cultural Vacuum: With Mark Bodnarczuk of the Breckenridge Institute in Boulder CO, exploring the importance of understanding culture in companies, why ignoring it may solve one problem while creating another and how to get a handle on cultural variables.

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Management Talk

A weekly internet radio show aimed at executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners exploring topical management ideas as they apply in a global marketplace.

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