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Don Fowke and Joshua Fowke with Stephen Armstrong CIUT Radio talk about Requisite Organization Listen Here


Management Talk

A weekly internet radio show aimed at executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners exploring topical management ideas as they apply in a global marketplace.

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We support executives to act quickly, directly and profitably, on what needs to be done for success. The New Management Network is a distinctive peer group of independent management consultants who share common professional ideas, understand creative innovation and are dedicated to releasing the human spirit in organizations. Members of the network serve clients on issues of corporate purpose, strategic clarity, company-wide alignment with direction, teamwork, executive coaching and organizational culture.


Talent Upshift

There are two emerging trends that have big implications for talent management. The first is a very rapidly expanding pool of elite talent more than seventy years old, capable of handling highly complex policy, strategy and managerial issues. This bodes well for solving the big challenges of the 21st century. http://prezi.com/mjjkfjnfxnja/talent-upshift/ Read More go link

Practicing Gestalt

We live in a challenging world of exponential change that’s aptly described by a U.S. military acronym, VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Adaptive responses to these challenges occur when vision offsets volatility, understanding tempers the negativity of uncertainty, conscious strategies help manage complexity, and "centering" provides a way to be grounded amidst ambiguity. Coaching clients repeatedly come up against challenges under the VUCA umbrella, and Gestalt coaching provides the dynamic theory, tools and techniques to meet them. Read More go link


Observations of Jaques’s stratum concepts to China

Elliott Jaques’s research into management complexity led to his theory of organizational design. He described an increasingly complex hierarchy of managers’ capabilities for predictive capacities and future thinking regarding direction and decisions on effective and competitive options. His term “time span of discretion” helped... Read More go link


How Felt-Fair Pay is Key to Conscious Capitalism

My grandson, Joshua Fowke, is a 16 year-old entrepreneur with a start up business: New Lawn Care Toronto. He defines his core purpose "to provide students with work that gives them real life skills and work experience to enhance their future". Of course he has a business plan that runs the numbers so it will be profitable meeting that purpose. And he has disciplined logistics to be efficient, clear production standards, pricing that gives both good value and good margins. And he focuses on training his "Ambassadors" so they are empowered to go about the business of "relieving our clients of lawn care stress while providing the opportunity for students to learn and grow."

He is my most demanding client and I have helped him put it all together. But I have got to say that the entire emphasis on val - ues above and beyond making money is his alone. Maybe this is more typical of the mil - lennial generation than I realize, and I got to looking into the momentum of the conscious capitalism movement... Read More go link